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AMRAP Circuit #1

1. Elevated Lunges

2. Weighted Squat Punches

3. Knee Tuck Pushups

4. Weighted Resistance Band Side Squats

5. Weighted Resistance Band Hip Thrusts

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This is a quick, simple, and effective circuit workout to do on your days off from your trainer. The videos show different versions of the exercises: from modified to more advanced.  


You will need an elastic resistance band (optional) and one 10-35 lbs free weight - dumbbell or kettlebell (or any heavy household object). Challenge yourself - you want your free weight to be heavy enough to make you sweat, but not so heavy as to throw off your form or balance, or create low back pain.  In the video I'm shown with a heavy resistance band and a 20 lbs kettlebell. 


  • 5 exercises repeated for as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) for a total of 15 minutes:

    • elevated lunges x 20 (per leg)

    • weighted squat punches x 20

    • knee tuck push-ups x 20 (double)

    • weighted resistance band side squats x 20 (per leg)

    • weighted resistance band hip thrusts x 20

  • as many consecutive rounds as possible withing the 15-minute time frame

  • equipment needed - 1 resistance band (optional) & 1 x 10-35 lbs free weight

  • each exercise is performed with good form in a controlled manner, avoiding any momentum

  • as little rest as possible between exercises (e.g., about 10 seconds)

  • can take a break only half way through reps of exercises, e.g. at 10 of 20 repetitions

  • try not to rest between rounds, but if you have to, rest for no more than 30 seconds




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