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What makes our personal training approach unique is our combined use of multiple fitness styles, modalities, and personalities to help you reach and exceed your wellness goals.  Our trainers work as a coordinated team to deliver well-rounded fitness programs that build essential functional fitness skills:


Any fitness regimen can benefit from improved flexibility and balance. We use yoga, pilates, and barre, to lengthen muscles and build a strong, solid, and stable core. This helps you prevent injuries and greatly boosts your level of physical conditioning.


We design short, yet intense interval training routines that combine strength and endurance elements to help you burn more fat and build stronger muscles and heart.  Love using jump ropes, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, or simply your own body weight? We've got it all.


Do you suffer from frequent injuries and pain, or want to reverse bad exercise habits? Our corrective training aims to restore proper movement form and patterns that enable you to safely and efficiently engage in exercise, as well as everyday activities.


If you don't like training along, buddy sessions are a great way to stay motivated and save money. Buddy training incorporates all of the aspects of one-on-one personal training, except you get to do it in the fun company of your friends or family members.

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“Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things.”


Byron Dorgan

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