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With employer healthcare costs skyrocketing and unhealthy choices negatively impacting absenteeism and productivity, wellness is no longer a “nice-to-have perk,” but a business strategy that many companies are adopting. The usual challenge and main reason for not implementing a corporate wellness program is the lack of resources and staffing.


BW Health Academy is a total corporate wellness program provider. We consider healthy eating, stress management, time management, physical activities, and other self-care for disease prevention in co-designing and co-managing your Corporate Wellness Program. Disease management and health risk assessments are among other packages we offer.

Our qualified personnel will help your employees get started on a healthy lifestyle, maintain progress, and see long-term, practical results. We offer a variety of program and service bundles that are tailored to your company's needs and interests.  At a minimum, our wellness programs combine bi-weekly worksite group fitness classes with regular wellness seminars on a variety of topics, including nutrition, mental health, functional fitness, smoking cessation, and stress management (please read below).


The option to unbundle fitness classes from wellness seminars is geared toward smaller companies that are on a tighter budget or at companies interested in shopping around before committing to a longer-term wellness program.


Are your employees too busy to make it to the gym or yoga studio? Worksite group classes conveniently bring a boutique fitness studio to the office. And because we cap our class size, in these semi-private sessions your employees get the support of a team without losing the attention of a personal trainer.  


A healthy work-life balance remains a struggle for most of us. We can boost preventive health efforts at your workplace by conducting innovative seminars, workshops, and challenges customized for your employees' needs, interests, and goals.

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"Good health is good business."

Paul Drechsler

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