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ComplEat Reset ✅

  • 5Weeks
  • 139Steps
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Want to jumpstart the NEW YEAR feeling healthier and more energetic (with a side of trimming down your waistline at the same time)? Then this 5-week ComplEat Winter Reset challenge is for you! Get the encouragement you need to set up healthier habits, plus some ideas for healthy alternatives. For the next 35 days we will begin the journey of "reprograming" our nutrition and fitness habits, following science-based techniques and approaches and shunning the fads or fanaticism surrounding the idea of healthy living. Our goal is to jump start the process and emerge more motivated and ready for further adventures. We won't be perfect in 35 days (or ever ;), but we'll get a taste of wellness, and feel better and more motivated. You have to sacrifice something to get rewarded and move ahead. Are you willing to give it a go? ❌ What not to eat or do There's nothing explicitly FORBIDDEN in this challenge. While we encourage you to follow your body's "natural" intuition, we're also here to help if you find yourself discouraged, distracted or demotivated. Your daily and weekly online checkups will be continuously monitored by trained professionals. ✅ What to eat or do Please follow our recommenced schedule to the best of your abilities. If in doubt or faced with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, please contact us and we'll try to accommodate your unique needs.

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Compleat Winter Reset 🚫🍫

Compleat Winter Reset 🚫🍫

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