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Matcha frozen yogurt YUM!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

This gorgeous smoothie makes a fantastic breakfast, light lunch or dinner, or a wonderful dessert whenever the craving for ice-cream strikes you! Its thick, smooth, and creamy consistency delivers the ultimate palate experience leaving you full, energized, and satisfied. I actually managed to get my boyfriend, Chris, to have this instead of his favorite Ben & Jerry's. And now he asks for a smoothie instead of ice-cream!! Even Pig, our visiting cat roomie, wanted to get a lick! Woo hoo!! Small victory for the nutrition nerd at home, i.e. me! :-)

The best part is, the smoothie looks and tastes amazing while being super healthy. It packs lots of fiber (from all that fruit, especially figs), healthy omega-3 fats (from the avocado), quality protein (the Greek yogurt), and is naturally enriched in probiotics (the yogurt again) and antioxidants (the fruit again plus cocoa nibs and matcha green tea powder). And because it contains a balanced ratio of protein to carbohydrate to healthy fat (12:64:25), the smoothie delivers a steady, long-lasting supply of nutrients over several hours. In fact, I had what you see in the pictures for lunch today and it took me maybe 3 or 4 hours to get hungry again... But of course, everyone is different.

You can make the consistency less or more dense by varying the amount of soy milk, yogurt, or frozen fruit you add. This smoothie is an absolute must have on a hot summer day, especially if you're lounging poolside while on a Yoga Retreat in Greece?

Hmmm... definitely something I look forward to doing this September! :-)

Get the recipe, nutrition information, and shopping suggestions HERE

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