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Oy, I'll give blogging a chance...

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Upside Down Rosa

I've had this love-hate relatinoship with the idea of blogging for a long time. Mostly hate... I'm not comfortable expressing myself in writing... it's always been more labor than pleasure to me. I hid behind excuses, such as English not being my native language, being too old, being too busy... An introvert to the core, sharing my internal thought processes has never appealed all that much to me. Plus it's terrbily intimidating!

But over and over again, I keep finding myself dying to really, REALLY, talk about certain topics in health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, yoga, science, and the world in general. Of couse, the voice in my head keeps telling me to just SHUT UP.... because... let's face it... who's gonna want to listen to me?! Yet, I'm more and more able to ignore that voice... and check out what happens... So today, I plunge in! :-)

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